A Universe of Stories Launches at PPL

Summer has arrived and, with it, the Summer Discovery Reading Program at Plymouth Public Library has returned!  Sign-up begins May 31st with the first day to participate being June 1st.  “A Universe of Stories” is the theme this year, with prizes and special...
A World of Entertainment at Your Library

A World of Entertainment at Your Library

In a world that relies heavily on digital streaming services such as Hulu, Netflix and the recently announced Disney+ for movies and TV shows, brick and mortar video stores have practically gone extinct.  The last corporately owned Blockbuster in the world recently...

Learn to cook with your library card

A library card is a powerful tool that can open endless doors full of knowledge and resources but did you ever think it could help you in the kitchen? Your library card may be a physical item you carry with you in your wallet or attached to your keychain, that 2 x 3...

The End…and the beginning!

The school year is coming to a close, so a lot of our regular weekly programs are winding up here at PPL. But that’s only so we can get ready for summer! Summer Discovery! The YA Summer Discovery program is changing it up this year! No more auction – and...

YA Summer Discovery Info 2019

The time has come, too quickly for some, but we’re getting ready for Summer Discovery here at PPL! The YA end of Summer Discovery has really shaken things up this year – it’s the end of an era, but there are new opportunities on the horizon! Here are...

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