Throwback City Vol 1: Maximum Overdrive

In the name of fun, I occasionally review a movie I’ve seen a ton of times and therefore just flat out love. So I thought why not start with the movie that officially got me into horror films? Stephen King’s Maximum Overdrive will forever hold a special place in my...

Therapy Dogs at PPL

PPL has gone to the dogs!  Three therapy dogs visit the library each week, benefiting both patrons and staff by allowing themselves to get loved on and providing a little bit of stress relief to everyone they come across. Tanner, a 16-month old Golden Retriever, is...

Watch it or Skip it? Vol. 2 – Pet Sematary (2019)

A Friday off work with no car (I was having an upgrade done to it) means a quiet day of doing nothing at home!  What better way to pass some time before the afternoon Cubs game than watching yet another movie adaption based on a book by one of my favorite authors? The...

Photography Enthusiasts Unite at PPL

“You don’t take a photograph: you make it.” – Ansel Adams A new monthly event has recently been added to the Makerspace at the Plymouth Public Library: the Photography Society. Amateur and professional photographers and enthusiasts are invited to join PPL’s Calvin...
Turn the Page Volume 1

Turn the Page Volume 1

Unlearn:  101 Simple Truths for a Better Life by: Humble the Poet (aka Kanwer Singh) Short of a handful of paragraphs on my GoodReads account, I’ve never written a book review.  I’ve always stuck to movies and TV shows, as books require an entirely different mindset...

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