National Book Bike Week

Monday, August 3rd kicks off the first ever National Book Bike Week! If you have been to PPL within the past few weeks you may have noticed a reddish-orange box attached to a bicycle on display in the south entrance lobby.  That is the PPL Book Bike!  Friends of the...

Writing Prompt Vol. 9: Movie Pet Peeves

For this edition of a writing prompt I wanted to focus on movie pet peeves. If you watch movies or TV shows, you know of certain things/quirks/situations that happen and have become clichéd.  Scenes like a family that rushes around in the morning before school/work...

Playaways and Audiobooks

Many new vehicles no longer come with the option of a CD player, leaving many audiobook fans thinking their days of listening to a book while driving are over.  With Bluetooth, many are able to wirelessly stream music and other audio from their phone through their car...

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

All taste is subjective.  For seemingly everything you like, no matter how much you like it, someone dislikes it.  In turn, you no doubt dislike something someone else likes.  The phrase “to each their own” is applicable to just about everything imaginable in life,...

Using Hoopla and OverDrive

A library card is a powerful tool, allowing you access to countless items for entertainment, educational, and research purposes.  That includes access to e-material!  Hoopla and OverDrive offer seemingly endless options in the form of e-books, e-audiobooks, movies,...

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