Celebrating the Freedom to Read

Each year, during the last full week of September, the American Library Association (ALA) along with libraries across America, celebrate Banned Books Week.  Despite the name sounding as if libraries are actively banning items, the opposite is the focus.   The United...

31 Days of Halloween: Resurrection

I love a good challenge, especially if it is one that I impose upon myself. Every year I attempt to complete the “365 Challenge,” which was popular on the internet around seven years ago.  For that challenge, you try to watch one movie a day for an entire year.  For...

Top 10 of the Decade – Part 5 (The Finale)

Just that fast we have reached the final two choices in my personal Top 10 of the Decade! While there were multiple excellent movies in 2018, none of them I enjoyed more than “Mission: Impossible – Fallout.”  The “Mission: Impossible” series is a rarity in the world...

Watch it or Skip it? Vol. 10: Becky

“Stick to what you know” is a common term that I have never been a fan of.  In the acting world, many actors and actresses catch flack from audiences and critics if they branch out into “different” roles.  In Hollywood, “stick to what you know” applies to what...

Buck-a-Bag Sale Returns to PPL

The Friends of the Plymouth Public Library always has a book sale happening near the Adult Services desk at the south end of the library.  Occasionally, PPL changes up their regular sale pricing for something special, like the Buck-a-Bag sale…which is returning for a...

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