Library History and Facts

Andrew Carnegie helped lead the expansion of the American steel industry in the late 19th century, ultimately becoming one of the richest Americans in history.  Upon establishing his personal wealth, he became a philanthropist, giving away an estimated $350 million...

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PPL to Unveil New Catalog System

More exciting changes are coming to the Plymouth Public Library! Soon, your online search for library materials will look different.  A lot of work to make the switch has already been done by library staff behind the scenes, with more to come throughout the month of...

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Throwback City Vol. 7 – Signs

Director M. Night Shyamalan is the epitome of the phrase “hit or miss.”  His career as a director started off with a well-deserved bang of praise thanks to the blockbuster movie “The Sixth Sense.”  22 years after its release it is still frequently referenced in...

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National Book Month

October is National Book Month! Created by the National Book Foundation, October is National Book Month in an effort to help raise the profile of reading in American culture.  The month-long celebration coincides with the October 15th announcement of 20 finalists for...

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E-Learning with PPL

Digital Learning continues this fall with Cindy on the PPL YouTube channel! Via the Plymouth Public Library YouTube channel (to access - visit then click the YouTube link at the top left of the page), join Cindy online on consecutive Wednesdays...

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Celebrating the Freedom to Read

Each year, during the last full week of September, the American Library Association (ALA) along with libraries across America, celebrate Banned Books Week.  Despite the name sounding as if libraries are actively banning items, the opposite is the focus.   The United...

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31 Days of Halloween: Resurrection

I love a good challenge, especially if it is one that I impose upon myself. Every year I attempt to complete the “365 Challenge,” which was popular on the internet around seven years ago.  For that challenge, you try to watch one movie a day for an entire year.  For...

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Top 10 of the Decade – Part 5 (The Finale)

Just that fast we have reached the final two choices in my personal Top 10 of the Decade! While there were multiple excellent movies in 2018, none of them I enjoyed more than “Mission: Impossible – Fallout.”  The “Mission: Impossible” series is a rarity in the world...

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