We have all experienced it: you just enjoyed a book cover-to-cover and wonder to yourself “Now what?”  

NoveList Plus can help you decide!

“NoveList Plus (and NoveList K-8) is another wonderful digital resource that we offer our patrons,” said Cindy Clough, Adult Circulation Supervisor at PPL.  “Login to your account on our website – MyPlymouthLibrary.org – then hover over the “Resources” tab on our homepage.  From there you can click on NoveList Plus.  If you don’t login on the library homepage, you can still click the link for NoveList Plus.  Then provide your full library card number on their sign-in page, but it is easiest to login on our homepage first.”

NoveList Plus can be used with or without an account.  You can browse without signing in, or you can create an account and have a more personalized experience.  Your searches can even be saved as Microsoft Excel files for you to keep and reference back to later.

“NoveList Plus is great because of how intricate you can be when it comes to searching for your next read,” said Clough.  “On the homepage it will ask you right away “I’m in the mood for books that are…” and you can begin the easy process of narrowing down search criteria to find exactly what you are looking for.”

NoveList Plus offers seemingly endless ways to search for new books to read.  You can specify certain genres, specific character types, pacing, storylines, action-packed content, etc.  

“If you are a fan of a specific genre, like Christian Romance, you can click “Romance” on the left side of the NoveList Plus homepage, then select “Christian Romance,” said Clough.  “Once you do that you are directed to a page filled with recommendations, all of which are detailed.  NoveList Plus shows you the cover of the book, the title, the author, and the release date.  If you click on a specific title, the next page will show you “read-alikes” on the right, providing you even more suggested reading options.”

“The different types of searches that NoveList Plus offers are really fantastic,” said Clough.  “There are so many different ways to find what you are looking for.  You can search for a favorite author of yours – e.g. John Grisham – and NoveList Plus will give you recommendations of other authors who write books similar to Grisham.  It’s an easy and convenient way to find a new author you may have never thought of before!”

NoveList K-8 is also available to PPL patrons, and provides similar services for younger audiences.  NoveList K-8 can provide options that are good for teachers and educators, such as curricular connections.

“Whether you are using NoveList Plus or NoveList K-8, you can change your searches to reflect what age group you are looking for,” said Clough.  “Searches on NoveList Plus are set to adult titles by default, but can be changed to provide results for teens and younger audiences. With NoveList K-8, the results are already narrowed down for that specific age group.” 

“If you are unsure of what criteria to search for and want a list of predetermined recommendations, NoveList provides multiple specific categories that you can click and get instant results,” said Clough.  “On the left side of their homepage there are direct links to specially curated lists, such as “Best of 2019 Fiction,” “NoveList Staff Faves,” “Recommended Reading During a Pandemic,” and more.  You can easily spend hours searching NoveList Plus in various different ways and scouring the results they provide to help you find your next read!”

Stay safe, stay healthy, and happy reading!

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