The Computer Lab at the Plymouth Public Library is getting an upgrade!  Multiple upgrades, to be exact.

PPL is installing new “Easy Booking” and “My PC” software on most of the public computers.  Easy Booking allows computers to be reserved by patrons, while My PC gives patrons an allotted amount of time to use a computer.

The existing PrinterOn software, which allows you to print documents from your devices wirelessly, is getting an upgrade to a new, more user-friendly version called “e–Print It.”  If you have used PrinterOn in the past, rest easy: e-Print It works the same, but with lots of new added features!

In addition to the new software, the PPL Computer Lab is getting a new photo/document scanner called “ScanEZ,” which features a 22-inch touch-screen monitor.  Patrons can easily make prints/scans of photos, passports/other forms of ID, and they can either print out what they scan or send a PDF of their scan to their email address, giving them a digital copy.  ScanEZ has photo editing software built into its system, which allows patrons to choose the photo they like best before printing, similar to the self-serve photo kiosks at CVS and Wal-Mart.

Copying and printing will soon be done via a combination cash/credit kiosk that will show the number of pages being printed, whether the prints are in color or black and white, and the total price.  Patrons will be able to pay with cash/card directly through the machine – instead of a staff member.  Patrons will also know in advance exactly what they are printing and how much it will cost; no more guessing if you printed the correct amount of pages or not!

“The goal of these upgrades is to help automate and simplify some of the time-consuming tasks that patrons encounter,” said Rob Zeissler, Head of Computer Services at PPL.  “It also allows us new ways to continue to provide excellent service to our patrons!”

See you at the library!

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