Gardening and the joy of being outdoors may wane for many during the fall season due to the change in weather, but fall is the prime time to work outside to prepare for spring!

Plymouth Public Library is partnering with the Marshall County Purdue Extension Office to bring “Fall Gardening: Keys to Success”, a multi-week educational gardening program to the library this September.

The goal of the program is to highlight fall gardening activities that can help prepare gardens and plants for the coming spring.

Three consecutive weeks of classes will be held in The Makerspace from 6:30 p.m. – 7:45 p.m. beginning Thursday, September 26th and concluding on October 10th.

These programs will cover topics such as evaluating plant health for nutrient deficiencies/pest problems; fall fertilization; the use of cover crops; the managing of vegetable beds to reduce disease/pests; preparing new spaces for spring planting; and learning which plants can benefit from being divided. The last program will also feature a plant swap between those in attendance.

It is not required that you attend all three programs, however, all three are recommended.

“Horticulture Educator Bob Yoder has taught programs at PPL in the past, such as an Edible Landscapes course and a Master Gardener course.” said Stacy Prather, Adult Events Coordinator at PPL.  “He is a fantastic teacher, because he teaches the proper science to help novices become more scientific, which garners better results.”

“Bob will provide a lot of information about preparing soil for success with your own yard and gardens.” said Prather.  “If your soil is off, your plants will not grow properly.  Then you never know if it is because your soil is too dry or too wet, etc.  Bob taught me about this in a previous class and once I identified what was actually wrong, it led to success with my own garden.  I am also looking forward to the plant swap because I have a lot of hostas and lilies I’m hoping to swap for some different types of flowers!”

While PPL is hosting this series, interested participants can pre-register by contacting the Purdue Extension Office at (574)935-8545 or by emailing

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