The Plymouth Public Library receives donations daily from our generous community.  And while donations are appreciated, there continue to be large amounts of materials donated that the library is unable to use for various reasons.  Unfortunately, some items that have been stored for several years come to the library with mold, mildew, bugs, or are just too outdated.  The library asks the public to please check their materials before donations to be sure that they are in good condition and free of mold, dirt and mildew.

If you would like to donate materials to the library, please follow these guidelines from staff.  “We accept donations as long as they are in good condition,” said Barb Roach, Donation Liaison for PPL.  “Good condition to use means clean, not ripped or town, and being free of mold, dirt, and bugs.”

“We do not accept any of the following items: textbooks, magazines, encyclopedias, World Book sets, outdated non-fiction, VHS, audio-cassettes, vinyl records, or any items that contain damage.” said Roach.  “If you have boxes of books that have been stored in your basement or garage, chances are we will not be able to use them.”

“Library staff look over every donated item to see if it can be used within the library, or if it is in good enough condition to sell,” said Roach.  “We follow strict criteria for what can and cannot be used or sold and find that, if there are items donated that are damaged, we have difficulty trying to dispose of them.  We try to recycle as much as possible, but when we are faced with large amounts of unusable donations, we can only recycle so much at a time.  We simply cannot use or sell damaged items and this causes space and storage issues at the library.”

Thank you for taking a few extra moments to look over your donations and give them new life.  If a donated item cannot be used in the library collection, it will be placed in the book sale.  With frequent donations and the weeding of library shelves, you never know what you will find for sale.  Newer titles, popular authors, cookbooks, biographies, large print items, DVDs, and music CDs are just a few of what is featured.  The Friends of the Plymouth Public Library Book Sale is ongoing near the south entrance and items may be purchased using cash or check.  Proceeds go toward special library programs, supplies, and equipment.

Thank you for your support!

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