Redesigns at big box stores are done with one ultimate goal: to make things easier for the customer.  At libraries, that same goal is employed toward their patrons. The Plymouth Public Library recently made some updates and changes to their Adult Department – and is currently in the process of more – in the effort of making things more accessible.

Fiction genres and Non-fiction books have been moved from their previous locations, due to higher demand.  This will make it easier for patrons to find what they are looking for within the Christian/Romance/Science Fiction/Western genres.  Non-fiction now starts in the last row and winds forward, ending behind Westerns.  The Non-fiction section is in the process of being organized so that they no longer run all together, and will be clearly marked.  For example the cookbook section will have a distinct marker informing the patron that that is where cookbooks begin.

The Genealogy section was relocated to a more convenient browsing location by the magazines near the Adult Circulation desk, and the magazines themselves have been condensed and reorganized in one central location.

Ongoing changes include the long process of placing stickers on any book that is part of a series within the Fiction section.  With thousands of authors and an equal number of series, there is a lot of work to be done, however,  progress is being made thanks to the help of volunteers and will continue until all series are clearly marked.  Books will still be shelved alphabetically via author last name, but if a book is part of a series the entire series will come first, followed by the individual books.  For example, Stephen King fans will now find The Dark Tower series located at the beginning of the Stephen King books, then the rest of his stand-alone books in alphabetical order after them.

Further changes are still to come at PPL.  Currently, items that do not circulate are being thinned out of the Large Print section with the goal of getting as many books off of the bottom shelves as possible, for easier patron access.  The Adult Graphic Novel section will also soon be expanded via the addition of more shelves.

Slowly but surely, over the next few years, additional changes and updates in the Adult Department will be made such as new furniture, new paint, and new shelving.

If you haven’t been in to notice the changes already, make sure to stop in and check things out as we continue to progress toward the future!


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