No major theatrical releases means no major DVD releases, resulting in the straight-to-video market temporarily being the only go-to option for watching new movies (other than streaming services).  As has always been the case with straight-to-video movies, they can be really hit-or-miss in terms of quality.   Movies are released straight-to-video because they are low-budget, badly reviewed, or simply not picked up by a major studio.  Occasionally a movie is released straight-to-video and it becomes the equivalent of a blockbuster, selling/renting tons of copies and becoming a success thanks mainly to word-of-mouth.  Quite often, movies that are dumped straight-to-video, find no success in any capacity, and are quickly forgotten.

2020’s “Save Yourselves!” is a movie I can envision becoming a success!

The sci-fi/comedy follows Jack and Su (John Reynolds and Sunita Mani), who are a couple living in NYC that are addicted to technology and quickly losing touch with one another.    Fed up with constantly staring at their phones and computer screens, they retreat to a friends’ off-the-grid vacation house in upstate New York.  Their goal is to disconnect from the world while reconnecting with each other.  Problem is, due to becoming completely unaware of the world outside of the vacation house, they have no idea an alien invasion is happening!

A friend of mine hosts a morning radio show in Springfield, IL, and does a weekly “Pop Culture catch-up” ( ).  He happened to mention “Save Yourselves!” in one of his recent breakdowns, and it sounded like something right up my alley, so I sought it out and very much enjoyed it!

“Save Yourselves!” is an awkward comedy, one that manages to do the hard-to-nail awkward comedy genre right, something many other movies fail at.  At times serious, and often hilarious and goofy, I personally thought “Save Yourselves!” was a total blast of fun.

Mani and Reynolds are wonderful together as the couple struggling to progress their relationship to the next level.  Their chemistry together is enough to make you feel like they could be a couple in real-life, a chemistry that is very much welcome considering at least 95% of the movie is just the two of them together.  If they did not have chemistry together, it is not a stretch to admit the movie would be nowhere near the same.  Equal parts shy, nerdy, bumbling, and unaware, the duo also come off as completely genuine.  Couples (and singles) exactly like them exist by the thousands, and together they nail what it is like to be one of those couples.

The aliens resemble fuzzier versions of the “Critters” from the classic cheesy 80’s/90’s movie series that shares the same name.  Here they are referred to as “Pouffes,” due to how much they look like fuzzy throw pillows.  The only thing the couple learns in regards to the alien “Pouffes” is that they are drawn to ethanol and products that contain ethanol, and together they use this knowledge to protect themselves and try to fend off the creatures.  Unfortunately for them, by the time they truly realize what is happening, it may already be too late!

So, should you Watch It, or Skip It?

I say: watch it!

Like mentioned above, it is an awkward comedy, but one that is done right.  Whether it be a small chuckle or a full-on laugh-out-loud moment, I found myself doing both quite a bit, while also trying to figure out what the alien Pouffes are up to in their plan to take over the planet!  I have a feeling you’ll find yourself laughing quite a bit as well.

“Save Yourselves!” is rated R for language, with a runtime of one hour and thirty-four minutes.  It will be available to borrow from PPL on DVD this November.

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