Hoopla, a free bonus feature that comes with having a library card, adds new titles to their ever-growing catalog each week – movies, e-books, and audio selections (both books and music).  Hoopla has seemingly endless entertainment options!  Your card currently nets you 18 items to “checkout” per month.  If you are new to using Hoopla, or simply unfamiliar with it, it may be difficult to find a starting point.  I thought I would suggest some movies that were recently added to Hoopla.  None are actual new movies, instead only just new to Hoopla.  I have seen and enjoyed all of these suggestions and feel they are “worth watching.”  All titles are also available to borrow on DVD at PPL.

My first suggestion is the 2001 crime-comedy “Bandits,” starring Bruce Willis, Billy Bob Thornton, and Cate Blanchette.  Willis and Thornton are bank robbers who have a unique way of pulling off heists; they kidnap bank managers, hold them hostage overnight, and then open the bank with them the following morning, before staff arrives.  The charming duo is nicknamed “The Sleepover Bandits” by the media thanks to their laid-back robbery method.  Blanchette’s lonely housewife character ends up on-the-run with them, where both men fall in love with her, further complicating their crime spree!  “Bandits” is rated PG-13 for sexual content, language, and mild violence, with a run time of two hours and three minutes.

Next in line is the 2007 coming-of-age comedy-drama “Charlie Bartlett.”  A lonely rich kid (played magnificently by the late Anton Yelchin) becomes a self-appointed psychiatrist to the students at the high school he newly attends.  Quickly falling for the head principal’s daughter (Kat Dennings), Charlie becomes a massive thorn in his side, while becoming a massive hit with his fellow students!  As the principal (Robert Downey Jr.) contends with the chaos Charlie is creating, he begins to realize that Charlie may not be as bad as he seems after all.  “Charlie Bartlett” is rated R for language, drug content, and brief nudity, with a run time of one hour and thirty-seven minutes.

While there have been many sequels, spin-offs, and just plain ripoffs, 2005’s remake of the late 70’s horror classic “The Amityville Horror” remains the best.  Ryan Reynolds stars as George Lutz, the patriarch of a family who has moved into a beautiful new lakeside home…unaware of the mass murders that took place within its walls a year before.  As the Lutz family attempts to settle into their new home, demonic forces begin to terrorize them, trying to drive them from the house.  “The Amityville Horror” is rated R for language, violence, and disturbing images, with a run time of one hour and thirty minutes.

While there’s no such a thing as a bad Denzel Washington movie, some of his lesser known roles fell under the radar for various reasons.  2003’s crime-drama “Out of Time” falls into that category!  Washington plays Chief Whitlock, who is currently separated from his wife and is having an affair with a married woman, who is also separated from her abusive husband.  Whitlock loans her money from his police station evidence room in order to help with medical debt, then she and her husband both end up dead!  Whitlock becomes the prime suspect, and the heat is on to solve not only who murdered them, but who set Whitlock up in the process.  “Out of Time” is rated PG-13 for language and violence, with a run time of one hour and forty-five minutes.

My last suggestion is the 80’s hit comedy “Teen Wolf.”  Michael J. Fox stars as Scott Howard, resident wimp of his local high school.  Scott discovers one fateful evening that he is part werewolf!   Scott tries to keep his new identity a secret, only to find that living life as a werewolf is more preferable than his regular life.  “The Wolf” quickly becomes the unstoppable star of the formerly awful basketball team, as well as a hit with the student body!  As his identity crisis grows, Scott comes to realize that being your true self is not only okay, but that it might actually bring you success all on its own.  “Teen Wolf” is rated PG for language and teen drinking, with a run time of one hour and thirty-one minutes.

Happy watching!

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