I love a good challenge, especially if it is one that I impose upon myself.

Every year I attempt to complete the “365 Challenge,” which was popular on the internet around seven years ago.  For that challenge, you try to watch one movie a day for an entire year.  For some, that is easy as pie.  For others, it is borderline impossible.  For me, I have always fallen somewhere in the middle.  I tend to start off strong, and then peter out once the weather gets nice.  It is easy to sit inside throughout January and February, watching movies and staying warm.  Once spring hits, I need a hearty vitamin D fix, so I try to get outside more!  Plus, Major League Baseball starts at the end of March, and my time becomes consumed by watching every Cubs game that I can.

Last October, in the effort of actually completing a challenge, I came up with one of my own!

Each year the Hallmark Channel celebrates “25 Days of Christmas” by playing non-stop Christmas movies.  Halloween has grown to become one of my favorite holidays, and I have always enjoyed horror movies, so I thought why not combine those two things and celebrate Halloween with “31 Days of Horror?”

I succeeded!

I spent October of 2019 watching 31 horror movies, and my brain was fried by the time the merciful final day of the month arrived.  While it is true that I like horror movies, 31 straight days of blood, death, and terror all added up!  Despite the mental drain, I was proud of myself for completing my challenge.  While I did watch 31 movies in 31 days time, I admitted back then and am echoing it here now: I did not do one movie a day.  Some days I did two or three to make up for “off” days.  No matter what, the numbers worked out to one per day and that is all that mattered!

We are fast approaching October 2020, and last years’ challenge has been on my mind.  Could I do it again?

I recently took a look back at what I watched last year, along with thinking about new options for this year.  There are so many horror movies out there, so I am definitely not hard-up for things to watch!  But, as I considered titles from last years challenge and potential ones for this year, I recalled how my brain felt once October 31st was over last year.

Then, almost as if it were a sign straight from the spirit world itself, a patron returned a horror movie that is rated PG-13.  As I looked it over and contemplated watching it, I realized I could tweak my challenge this year.  Why do another month of mainly R-rated gore fests?  There are plenty of PG-13 and lower rated “scary” movies out there!

Just that fast I was gung-ho to relive my challenge, but in an all-new “family friendly” format.

My one rule for 2020’s challenge (other than completing 31 movies in 31 days): no R rated movies!

I have a list of titles ready to go, all of which are rated PG or PG-13.  Most are movies I have never seen, while some are ones I have seen and would enjoy watching again.

Now I am very much looking forward to my October challenge.

Bring on Halloween!

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