Make Donations Count at PPL

The Plymouth Public Library receives donations daily from our generous community.  And while donations are appreciated, there continue to be large amounts of materials donated that the library is unable to use for various reasons.  Unfortunately, some items that have...

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Turn the Page Volume Two: Y – The Last Man

Y: The Last Man by: Vaughan, Brian K. F/X recently announced a new TV series simply called “Y”, which immediately appealed to me because I am a sucker for “last man on Earth” survival type stories, which is what the show is about.  When I discovered it is based on one...

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Celebrate Your Freedom to Read at PPL

Each September, the last full week of the month has been designated Banned Books Week by the American Library Association (ALA). But what does Banned Books Week mean? Normally, when people read or hear the term “banned” they think of something that isn’t allowed....

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Throwback City Vol. 2: Summer School

It’s a well-known fact that school related teen comedies ruled the 80’s.  The genre became so prevalent in that decade that many became lost in the mix.  One often overlooked/forgotten classic, and one of my favorites still to this day, is 1987’s Summer School...

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Hone Your Green Thumb with PPL

Gardening and the joy of being outdoors may wane for many during the fall season due to the change in weather, but fall is the prime time to work outside to prepare for spring! Plymouth Public Library is partnering with the Marshall County Purdue Extension Office to...

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Watch It or Skip It? Vol. 5 – Brightburn

Just about everyone loves a good superhero story, especially if it is an origin story. The most famous superhero in comic book history is arguably Superman, whose origin story is well-known by just about everyone – even non-comic book fans.  Superman, born Kal-El on...

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Get Active and Stay Active with PPL

Drop the kids at school, stop by the bank, fill up the car, grab lunch, clean house, mow the lawn, return your library books, hit the gym, pick the kids up from school, cook dinner…. some days can be overwhelming. What if you could combine a couple of your tasks into...

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Writing Prompt Vol. 3

“You’re at the library where you trip over a chair and drop the book you were carrying, landing inside the story.  What book were you carrying and how do you escape?” Rather than use the writing prompt precisely by referencing a book I was carrying, I’m going to use...

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