Watch it or Skip it? Vol. 10: Becky

“Stick to what you know” is a common term that I have never been a fan of.  In the acting world, many actors and actresses catch flack from audiences and critics if they branch out into “different” roles.  In Hollywood, “stick to what you know” applies to what...

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Buck-a-Bag Sale Returns to PPL

The Friends of the Plymouth Public Library always has a book sale happening near the Adult Services desk at the south end of the library.  Occasionally, PPL changes up their regular sale pricing for something special, like the Buck-a-Bag sale…which is returning for a...

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Top 10 of the Decade – Part 4

Making up for the lack of a choice for Top Movie of 2013, I have two picks for 2017!  That is because I simply could not choose between the two of them, no matter how hard I tried to make up my mind. Both movies are Marvel comic book movies, and both are two of the...

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Exciting Computer Lab Changes

The Computer Lab at the Plymouth Public Library is getting an upgrade!  Multiple upgrades, to be exact. PPL is installing new “Easy Booking” and “My PC” software on most of the public computers.  Easy Booking allows computers to be reserved by patrons, while My PC...

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Top 10 of the Decade – Part 3

We’re through 2014 and moving right along! My favorite movie of 2015 is my choice for “Best of the Past Decade” as well.  It is, hands down, one of the best movies I have ever seen – period.  It also tops the charts as best movie I have ever seen in the theater. ...

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Get it quicker with OverDrive

There is a book you can’t wait to get your hands on, but it is currently checked out and you don’t want to wait on a holds list.  You want it now!  Sound familiar? With OverDrive, you may not have to wait! OverDrive is a free app (available via the Apple App Store and...

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Top 10 of the Decade – Part 2

Moving right along into 2012, my favorite movie from that year is another fantastic horror-comedy: “The Cabin in the Woods.”  Unlike any movie I had seen before – or since – this twist on the tired “scary cabin in the woods” trope of horror movie history was...

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PPL Youth Programming in the Park

Fun and interactive youth programming is returning to the Plymouth Public Library and in a new way!  PPL has partnered with the Plymouth Park Department to host in-person programming at both River Park Square in Downtown Plymouth and at the Young Amphitheater in...

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Top 10 of the Decade – Part 1

As we collectively keep on truckin’ through life, and the wildly unprecedented year that is 2020, it can be comforting to look back and reminisce about fun times and memories.  With 2020 kicking off a new decade, a lot of people and places shared their Top 10 Movies...

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“Grab and Go” and September Happenings

PPL is committed to keeping you safe.  And if you are short on time, we can help!  That is why PPL reopened in June with a new “Grab and Go” style of service.  Patrons are encouraged to make quick stops to the library to find whatever it is they need.  Ask staff at...

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