Along a portion of the Greenway Trail in Plymouth’s beautiful Centennial Park, beginning at the Young Amphitheater and ending at the footbridge across from Plymouth High School, is the Plymouth Public Library StoryWalk.

Library patrons and community members sponsor a short story, with the pages spread out over the course of 18 different posts down the PPL StoryWalk.  Families out for a stroll, or anyone out enjoying fresh air and exercise, can move along the paved foot path and read a story one page at a time.

A special two-month long story will debut November 1st, running through the end of December.  Sponsored by Jess and Marge Keltner, the PPL StoryWalk will feature an “interactive” story for the holiday season.  PPL StoryWalk will feature “The Gingerbread Doll,” by Susan Tews, and will incorporate an interactive craft.

The story starts in 1930, where Rebecca and her family are celebrating their first Christmas at their Wisconsin farm.  For Christmas, Rebecca wants a porcelain doll she’d seen in a local store window, but she knows it has been a hard year for the family and her parents don’t have the money to buy fancy toys.  Disappointed, Rebecca’s mother gives her a funny-looking doll made of gingerbread, yarn for hair, and scraps of cloth as a dress.  With her new gingerbread doll, Rebecca learns the importance of what it means to work hard for what you really want, and how to truly appreciate what you already have.

“This story is timely, both for the Christmas season and the current climate,” said Ms. Liz of the Youth Services Department at PPL.  “Unfortunately, many families and individuals are struggling, and that number grows during the holiday season.  “The Gingerbread Doll” is an excellent learning story that teaches the importance of hard work, appreciating what you have, and working together to get through whatever it is you may be going through.”

Throughout November and December, ending December 15th (or whenever supplies run out), PPL will be offering “Grab-and-Go” Gingerbread Doll mixes.

“The pre-made mixes will contain the necessary ingredients for families to take home and make small Gingerbread Dolls of their own,” said Ms. Liz.  “Each bag will contain a recipe card with the Gingerbread Doll instructions and ingredients, along with a cute little ribbon and candy cane.”  “Grag-and-Go” bags can be picked up at the Youth Services Desk, or set aside for Curbside Pickup.

PPL is also asking for the community’s help this Christmas season.  “Similar to a coat drive, or an “Adopt-a-Family” style event, we are asking for patrons/community members to donate either a new doll, or a new stuffed animal/teddy bear,” said Ms. Liz.  “Donated items will be quarantined as a precaution.  Once the collection period ends, the donated dolls/stuffed animals will be given to local children in foster care, and the less fortunate.  We are hoping to use this story along with the generosity of others to help bring joy locally this Christmas season.”

Donation drop-boxes will be located near the Youth Services and Adult Services desks at both ends of the library.

If you would like to sponsor a future StoryWalk title, sponsorships are $100, and the story will be displayed for a full month.  Contact Ms. Liz at the Youth Services Desk to reserve your spot, or call PPL at 574-936-7721 ext. 1011.

See you at the library, and along the StoryWalk!

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