Computer Lab

Need to use a computer?

Explore the latest in technology. Whether you’re a tech pro or a digital novice, this space is your gateway to innovation and education. 

We understand that technology can be intimidating and that’s why we offer Book a Librarian. Patrons can schedule a time to sit down with a member of our well-trained staff to answer questions. Whether you choose to use our equipment or your own, we can show you how to get the most out of our many databases, electronic resources, and programs.

How many computers do you have?

Our Computer Lab offers 10 Windows computers, 25 Chromebooks, 10 tablets, and 15 laptops with Microsoft Office, photo editing software, and more.

How much do computer lab services cost?

Printing costs $0.15/page for black and white and $0.50/page for color.

Sending a fax costs $1/page for domestic faxes and $3/page for international and is only available in black and white. Receiving a fax is $1 flat rate no matter how many pages. 

How long can you use a computer?

Our patrons have access to the computer for one hour. If you find that you need more time, please don’t hesitate to reach out to a librarian for assistance.

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