Amazon recently announced a reboot/remake of one of my favorite movies ever, so I thought I’d write a recommendation for the original movie before you dive into their new Prime TV series later this spring.

Nick Hornby penned the novel of the same name, which I read after seeing the movie starring John Cusack. I love both the book and the movie, but I admit I am more partial to the movie. That is because of how well condensed the story is after being adapted from the book, and how well acted it is along with the chemistry shared between the stars.

Rob Gordon (Cusack) is a surly record store owner in Evanston, Illinois (a northern suburb of Chicago). Obsessed with creating “Top Five” lists and living as mundane of a life as he possibly can, Rob’s world tailspins when his girlfriend Laura suddenly dumps him. In an effort to figure out why she dumped him, and to possibly get her back, he creates a list of his top five worst breakups ever then goes back over them with a fine tooth comb to figure out where exactly they went wrong and why. As he wallows in post-breakup misery, his friends and coworkers (Jack Black and Todd Louiso) support him while he examines his entire life and processes his way out of his newfound depression.

While I’ve read the book multiple times, I’ve seen the movie even more times, and it always puts me in a better mood after viewing it. I have a handful of movies that are like that, and rely on them every now and then for a pick-me-up.
John Cusack is one of my favorite actors and I, even before reading the book or seeing the movie, have a tendency to categorize things. Because of those reasons, I really connected with his portrayal of Rob Gordon. Cusack is absolutely perfect in the role, and now when I re-read the book I picture him as Rob, which is admittedly difficult to do in places considering the book is set in London and has a much different feel to it than the film setting of Chicago. But that is just how good he is as Rob!

The supporting cast is fantastic as well. Jack Black is at his “Jack Blackiest” as Robs’ mouthy and abrasive coworker/friend Barry. He and Cusack play off of each other so well; I’ve always wanted to see them reunited in another film! Other excellent actors make appearances such as Cusack’s sister Joan, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Lisa Bonet, Lily Taylor, and Tim Robbins, who plays Laura’s rebound boyfriend Ian as pretentiously and smugly as only Tim Robbins could.
“High Fidelity” also features a wonderful soundtrack, which makes sense given the story is about a record store owner/former DJ that is obsessed with music.

Even after repeat viewings “High Fidelity” still makes me laugh and, like I said, always puts me in a better mood. I proudly admit that it has solidly landed itself on my list of Top Five Favorite Movies Ever. A fact that I think would make Rob Gordon himself proud.

Check it out!

“High Fidelity” is rated R for language, and has a runtime of one hour fifty three minutes.

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