Comedy is subjective, as not everyone finds the same stuff funny.  When it comes to dark comedy, it becomes even more subjective, as many people don’t have dark senses of humor.  A horror comedy is especially difficult to get right given that many people want simply one or the other: a horror movie or a comedy.

2019’s “Ready or Not” is a horror comedy that manages to get both styles right, and blends them together seamlessly into a fun and different movie experience that I have not seen for a while.

Grace (Samara Weaving) is a newlywed, marrying into the uber-rich Le Domas family.  On her wedding night, her now-husband Alex (Mark O’Brien) informs her that as a new member of the family, she is required to play a game in order to be officially accepted by them.  Fate – via a centuries old puzzle box – decides the game for the participant, with past games having been played such as chess and backgammon.  Grace draws a game of Hide and Seek…with a twist.  While she innocently thinks of it as a dumb children’s game in which she hides and the family seeks her, she very quickly realizes the game is serious: she is being hunted by them in a game of kill-or-be-killed.

The dark reasons behind the “game” are slowly revealed throughout the course of the film and I will refrain from revealing any further details here.

“Ready or Not” kept me guessing the entire time I was watching.  It was refreshing given that so many movies nowadays try to be twisty and turn-y while being so totally obvious that, upon their reveal, the twists and turns have zero impact on the viewer.  I was honestly unsure what was going to happen during the film and what twists came about were truly surprising!

I also really appreciated the dark humor in the movie.  The characters all interacted well together and traded sarcastic barbs off of one another, along with reacting to unintentional issues that arose with humorous responses.  Doing this made the film a lot more light-hearted than it should have been given the plot and also made it more fun and enjoyable to watch as it kept it entertaining.  The movie was just over an hour and a half long, which flew by faster than I realized due to how well paced it was between the intense scenes and darkly funny moments.

The ending was also wild and unexpected, and will most definitely be appreciated by fans of dark humor.

So, should you Watch It or Skip It?

I vote: Watch it!  But, only if you are a fan of other recent horror/thrillers that are also dark comedies, such as “Get Out” and the masterpiece of a film (my personal opinion) “The Cabin in the Woods.”  If you enjoyed either of those then I highly recommend “Ready or Not.”  If you disliked either one of those I would suggest you skip it!

“Ready or Not” is rated R for violence, bloody images and language, with a runtime of one hour and thirty five minutes.

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